Surriento Oven (With Scilian Clay Biscotto)

Surriento Oven (With Scilian Clay Biscotto)


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The Edil Planet Forni Surriento Oven is one of the world's most powerful stainless steel gas fired pizza oven which allows you to achieve extraordinary pizza results. The powerful 10kW burner heats the oven to 500 degrees Celsius in 25 minutes and allows you to bake a Neapolitan pizza in less than 60 seconds.


Included with the Surriento Oven is the Sicilian Alluvial Clay Biscotto - a thick base, hand-made of clay oven floor, that makes it possible to bake pizza at the highest temperatures, without burning the bottom. The Oven is also equipped with a door that accelerates the pre-heating time and keeps the oven at temperature in between pizzas.

Edil Planet's Surriento Oven is the most powerful, compact gas-fired oven, dedicated to creating Neapolitan pizza at best value and  is 100% made in sunny Sicily, Italy.

About Edil Planet Forni
60 years ago, Giuseppe La Placa created the beginnings of Edil Planet Forni in the heart of Sicily, a city of great passion and pride in their traditions. Now 3 brothers - Agostino, Luca and Dario continue their grandfather's work and have the same passion for oven crafting as the company's founder. They believe in heritage and quality - creating the best wood and gas-fired ovens, and in the tradition of great Italian craftsmanship. Every Edil Planet oven is made with great attention to detail using superior italian materials.

Manufacturer: Edil Planet Forni

Fuel Type: LPG Gas

Average Fuel Consumption: Gas - 0.65kg/hr

Max Temperature Rating: 550°C

External Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 50 cm (D) x 40 cm (H)

Height of Oven Door: 20 cm

Cooking Floor Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm

Capacity: 1 x 12" Pizza | 1 kg Bread

Weight: 28 kg

Included Accessories: Oven door, Edil Planet Pizza Apron, LPG Adapter

LPG Attachments: LPG attachments will not be included, however all required specifications, where to buy, which companies to engage to provide the suitable type of regulators, hose and operational training will be shared with the buyers.