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Our Story

We Are Neapolitan Pizza Fanatics!

Forno Gourmet was conceived from our founder's passion of creating authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Back in 2012, Charlene could not find any business in Asia that could sell her a domestic wood fired oven - small to use in her own home, would not break the bank, yet powerful enough to give provide a true wood fired cooking experience. Through her travels in Europe, she chanced upon an Alfa Forni 4 Pizze Oven in an idyllic trattoria in the Italian countryside that made one of the most delicious Neapolitan pizzas she had ever tasted. She extended her travels and visited Alfa Forni - Italy's top wood fired oven manufacturer and secured an exclusive distributorship for Singapore. 


Since then, Forno Gourmet has taken not just Alfa Forni's exclusive distributorship for Singapore, but was recently appointed as an authorized distributor for Effeuno Ovens in South East Asia! We are proud to represent both Alfa Forni & Effeuno in Singapore and are also developing Forno Gourmet's own line of pizza ovens and culinary accessories. Forno Gourmet is committed to delivering quality service and after-sales for our customers. We aim to be the leading company in Singapore bringing authentic gas, wood-fired and electric pizza ovens to homes, restaurants, hotels. Most importantly, Forno Gourmet is not just about its ovens, it is about enabling a truly unique culinary experience for each individual and creating unforgettable memories together with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Our Founder

Charlene graduated from the Singapore renowned culinary institute - At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, with a Diploma in Baking and Pastry in 2011. She founded Cakequembouche, one of Singapore's first bakery specializing in customized fondant cakes. Together with partner, Cakequembouche was featured in both The Straits Times, Her World Singapore, as well as several other online food news portals as "the" bakery to go to for exquisitely designed custom cakes.

Charlene is a foodie like many Singaporeans, and is especially crazy about wood fired oven pizzas. She endeavours to create her own perfect Neapolitan pizza (read: gorgeous leopard spotting, chewy crispy flavourful crust, fresh oozy melted mozzarella) at home one day. Through Forno Gourmet, she hopes to build a close community with other passionate home cooks & master chefs who are keen to embark on this exciting journey, sharing recipes, culinary techniques & wood fired oven secrets. 

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