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Wood Fired Oven


What better way to experience wood fired cooking, without the expense of owning an Oven? The answer? Rent an oven with us! 


Every oven rental package comes with:

  • Oven of choice (scroll down to see available choices)**

  • FG's Pizza Peel

  • FG's Pizza Turner

  • FG's Pizza Launcher

  • Infrared Thermometer

  • If applicable, generous amount of food-grade wood fuel depending on oven size good to last 4 hours of cooking OR 3 sets of portable gas cannisters to last 1.5 ~ 2 hours of cooking with Ooni / Kyln.

Simply select a time slot to indicate to us when you will pick up the oven rental package and make full payment! A deposit of $300 required at pickup (Cash/PayNow), and will be provided back to you once the oven is returned back to us with no damages.

For more details on each individual package, please click on "See Rental Details".

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