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Effeuno Electric Pizza Ovens are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, by Effeuno's own Research and Development department, with materials of the highest quality. The company dedicates care and attention to every detail to offer consumers the best Pizza Oven at the most affordable price. Effeuno's Easy Pizza Line (P134H & P134HA) are certified by the AVPN as capable of producing true, authentic Neopolitan Pizza. 

Professional Evolution Line (Enquire with Forno Gourmet)

The Professional Evolution Line ovens with an electronic control panel - the only domestic pizza ovens globally to be equipped with an advanced and native PID operating system and patented control system.

Compact dimensions, high-level performance (up to 509°C): are what makes the EVOLUTION LINE perfect for cooking true Neapolitan pizza, with reduced time and optimized use of electricity.


Depending on the model chosen, the EVOLUTION LINE also makes perfect bread and fine pastry products, thanks to the high-sensitivity thermocouple and advanced multi-phase program system.

Effeuno P134HA 509 Top.jpg

Easy Pizza Line

The “Easy Pizza Line” is suitable for all users who are looking for an incredible professional performance oven that can fit into small spaces.

Thanks to Effeuno's latest research and innovation, what was previously only possible in a professional setting is now enabled at the comfort of your own home.


The Easy Pizza Line Ovens (PI134H / P134HA) features high pre-heating speed, authentic Saputo stone, with a triple glass door insulation - it has been an instant hit with home and professional pizza chefs alike. 

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