Round Turning Peel (7" / 8" Peel Head)

Round Turning Peel (7" / 8" Peel Head)

Easily turn your pizzas whilst cooking them in your Wood Fired Ovens with Forno Gourmet's Round Turning Peels!


Comes in 2 configurations:

  1. Total Length: 55 cm / Peel Head Diameter: 7 inches (18 cm~)
  2. Total Length: 120 cm / Peel Head Diameter: 8 inches (20.5 cm)


  • Peel head is made of food-grade anodized aluminum, making it very lightweight - easy to use and handle.
  • Its ergonomic oval tubular handle allows the user to maneuver the peel and turn pizzas with much ease 
  • The aluminum peel head is removable from the handle joint making it very portable and easy to store.
  • The peel has been anodized to protect its surface from oxidation. 
  • The aluminum alloy handle features a loop at the end for easy hanging and storage. 
  •  Various size handles keeps your hands safe from the heat. Choose the length that works best for your oven.

The turning peels aren't just limited to pizza; they can be used for almost any food cooked in a wood fired oven. 

Manufacturer: Forno Gourmet

Material (Turning Peel Head): Anodized Aluminum

Material (Turning Peel Handle): Aluminum Alloy

Max Temperature Rating: 650°C

Total Length of Peel (including Head): 55 cm / 120 cm

Dimensions (Head): 55 cm length - 7 inch head / 120 cm length - 8 inch head