12" Perforated Anodized Aluminum Pizza Peel

12" Perforated Anodized Aluminum Pizza Peel

Easily slide pizzas into and out of ovens with Forno Gourmet's 12"' Anodized Aluminum Pizza Peel!


  • This peel is lighter than the comparable peels yet offers incredible strength and durability.
  • Its oval tubular handle allows this peel to lift and carry heavily loaded pizzas from prep areas to the oven and back with stability and ease!
  • The aluminum peel head is removable from the handle joint making it very portable and easy to store.
  • The peel has been anodized to protect its surface from oxidation. 
  • The aluminum alloy handle features a loop at the end for easy hanging and storage.
  •  Various size handles keeps your hands safe from the heat. Choose the length that works best for your oven.

Pizza peels aren't just limited to pizza; they can be used for almost any food cooked in a wood fired oven. This classic all aluminum peel has been designed to act as an extension of the users arm and is durable enough to stand up to continuous use!

Manufacturer: Forno Gourmet

Material (Pizza Peel Head): Anodized Aluminum

Material (Pizza Peel Handle): Aluminum Alloy

Max Temperature Rating: 650°C

Dimensions (Head): 30 cm (W)

Total Length of Peel (including Head): 60 cm / 90 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm