Oven Rake

Oven Rake

Forno Gourmet's very own Oven Rake is made of 304 stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Use it for easy removal of ashes from your oven or to safely move your firewood around the oven.


The length of the rake is 120 cm, and puts you at a safe distance from the firewood while moving around the hot coals. The 15 cm rake head also offers a wide enough scope to easily move large amounts of firewood at one rake. The tubular aluminum handle is lightweight and allows for easy control as well as a heat resistant silica-gel grip with a hook for easy storage.


This oven rake is must-have essential for any pizza oven and can also be used with any wood burning stove, firepit and charcoal grills.

Manufacturer: Forno Gourmet

Material (Rake Head): 304 Stainless Stell

Material (Peel Handle): Tubular Aluminum Alloy with Silica-Gel Grip

Total Length of Peel (including Head): 120 cm


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