Kyln Pizza Oven

Kyln Pizza Oven




Forno Gourmet is excited to share that we have been appointed the official distributor for Kyln Pizza Ovens in Singapore!


The Kyln is a gas-powered pizza oven capable of reaching temperatures up to 500°C for authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. It includes a 34cm x 32cm refractory stone that is 20mm thick (thicker than similar competitors for superior heat retention!).


The Kyln Oven is the most for value pizza oven as the oven package includes all the below mentioned accessories together the oven purchase. They are:

  • 12" Aluminium Perforated Pizza Peel
  • 12" Wood Fiber Launch Peel
  • 7" Aluminium Round Turning Peel
  • Digital IR Thermometer (up to 550°C)
  • Pizza Tongs
  • Pizza Cutter Wheel
  • All-Weather Carrying Bag
  • Dough Scraper


Be sure to watching the unboxing video in the gallery!

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Manufacturer: Kyln

Fuel Type: LPG Gas

Burner Outpet: Gas - 4.2kW

Max Temperature Rating: 500°C

External Dimensions: 40 cm (W) x 62 cm (D) x 30 cm (H)

Cooking Floor Dimensions: 34 cm x 32 cm

Capacity: 1 x 12" Pizza

Weight: 10 kg

Included Accessories: As mentioned in Product Description

LPG Attachments: LPG attachments will not be included, however all required specifications, where to buy, which companies to engage to provide the suitable type of regulators, hose and operational training will be shared with the buyers.

$699.00 Regular Price
$649.00Sale Price