Effeuno P134HA (500°C) + Saputo Stone

Effeuno P134HA (500°C) + Saputo Stone


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The revoluntionary Effeuno P134HA 500°C has arrived in Singapore! Forno Gourmet is delighted to be appointed as Effeuno's authorized dealer in South East Asia, bringing Effeuno's unparalleled electric oven technology to pizza and baking enthsiasts in Singapore.


The Effeuno P134HA 500°C is perfect for both professional and domestic Neapolitan pizza making. Every Effeuno oven sold by Forno Gourmet is equipped with the Saputo Stone and UK 3 Pin Plug, perfectly suited for Singapore's electrical setup.


  • P134HA - "A" denoting "camera alta" meaning upper room in English. Bearing the same technology as P134H, the model that Forno Gourmet has brought in is a 500°C model, so that the oven heats up fast, and the addition height allows for more versatility of the oven (bread and other  pastry items, not just confined to Pizzas)
  • Being an electric oven and only weighing at 25kg, the P134HA is suitable to be used extensively in apartments especially in a city state like Singapore.
  • A key unique characteristic of this oven are the two thermostats, allowing the Pizzaolo separately control the tempareature of both the ceiling and the floor, giving you full control over the oven and baking process.
  • The inner cooking chamber is lighted by a halogen lamp to allow good viewing into the oven chambers at all times.
  • The materials in the cooking chamber, external shell and the handles are 304 stainless steel.
  • The oven door is constructed with triple-layer glass panels - 2 tempered glass panels in the front, and another ceramic glass on the inside of the door. This allows the door to remain fairly cool even after prolonged use at high temperatures.


The construction of the oven using these materials have produced an exceptionally high quality oven that is able to withstand very high temperatures. Per the video shown, the oven's external body is kept at room temperature during the baking process despite the very heat generated in the oven chambers.


The Effeuno P134HA oven is a result of years of dedicated Italian engineering and technical innovation. Combined with its clean and sleek design, the P134HA oven is the ideal solution for both enthusiast and professional pizza makers.


Saputo Stone:

Saputo pizza stones "biscotto" are one of the best pizza stones in the world and boasts the ability to cook a pizza at 430°C – 450°C for 60-90 seconds, without burning the bottom of the pizza. These stones are able to do this because of the unique mineral content of the alluvial clay that is used to construct the stone. Each stone is hand-formed, then air dried before it's fired in a wood-fired kiln to exact specifications. All of this imparts the stone with exceptional heat retention and moisture absorption. This stone set said to be the secret to cooking authentic Neapolitan pizza! 



1 Year, to be serviced locally in by Forno Gourmet Singapore

Manufacturer: Effeuno S.R.L.

Warranty: 1 Year, to be serviced locally in by Forno Gourmet

Power: Electric / 230V, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 3.0kW

Plug Type: UK 3 Pin Plug (exactly per Singapore's requirements)

Max Temperature Rating: 2 Thermostats - 500°C

External Dimensions: 59 cm (W) x 54 cm (D) x 35 cm (H)

Cooking Floor Dimensions: 41 cm (W) x 35 cm (D) x 18 cm (H)

Capacity: 1 x 13" Pizza | 2 kg Bread

Weight: 25 kg