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Brio Oven

Brio Oven



The Brio Oven is the big brother of the One Oven. It is a Gas Fired Oven that can cook up to 2 pizzas - a convenient and compact oven that is simple and easy to use. The Brio oven heats up quicky so that you can eat your first pizza in just under 20 minutes. Other than the popular Neapolitan pizza, this versatile oven can be used for bread, meat, vegetables and any other baked dishes as well as BBQ.


Made entirely out of reinforced 304 stainless steel, the double layer of ceramic fibre insulation used in the Brio Oven allows it to contain heat similar to a commercial oven, and prevents the external frame from overheating. Alfa Forni refractory brick floor (nearly 3 cm thick), allows it to gradually absorb and release heat, guaranteeing an impeccable cooking experience.


If you choose the Brio Oven with its base, the oven can easily be moved around with minimal hassle. Like all Alfa Ovens sold on Forno Gourmet Singapore, the refractory oven floor can be easily turned over, or replaced after several years of use.


Choose the Brio Oven as your gas fired oven gourmet cooking partner for life! If you choose to buy the hybrid kit, you will have the best of both worlds - the convenience of Gas when you like, as well as the flavours of wood when the occasion calls for it.


Available in both Black & Red Colour - Black has ready stocks; Red available from December 2021.


*** Hybrid Kit sold separately.

Manufacturer: Alfa Forni

Fuel Type: Gas / Hybrid

Average Gas Consumption: 1.43kg/hr

Max Temperature Rating: 500°C

External Dimensions: 99.7 cm (W) x 72.7 cm (D) x 111.6 cm (H) - including chimney flue

Cooking Floor Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm

Cooking Floor Area: 0.35m²

Heating Time: 20 minutes

Capacity: 2 x 10" Pizza | 3 kg Bread

Weight: 98 kg

Included Accessories: Oven door, chimney flue and cap

Warranty: This oven comes with a 1-year local warranty by Forno Gourmet. Please refer to our Warranty Policy page for more information regarding warranty coverage of our ovens.


Downloadable Resources

Data Sheet - Brio Oven (Tabletop)

User Manual

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