5 Minuti Oven

5 Minuti Oven

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Introducing Alfa Forni's best selling oven - The 5 Minuti.


Designed with a unique barreled airflow system that provides more efficient circulation of heat, the oven is capable of reaching cooking temperatures in just 5 minutes. Made entirely out of reinforced 304 stainless steel, the double layer of ceramic fibre insulation used in the 5 Minuti Oven allows it to contain heat similar to a commercial oven, and prevents the external frame from overheating.


Alfa Forni refractory brick floor (nearly 3 cm thick), allows it to gradually absorb and release heat, guaranteeing an impeccable cooking experience. For Neapolitan pizza lovers, the refractory oven floor allows you to create pizza cooked to perfection.


Available in 2 configurations - a Tabletop model or with a stainless steel stand with wheels for easy moving of the oven around your porch, balconies or roof gardens. With an oven floor capable of cooking 2 pizzas at once, the 5 Minuti is incredibly efficient and versatile, making it an excellent choice for families and businesses looking for a high quality oven with a timeless appeal.


*Available only in Copper colour. The oven door can differ from pictures as Alfa is currently undergoing a redesign of its oven doors to ensure optimal ergonomics for an even better cooking experience.


Manufacturer: Alfa Forni

Fuel Type: Wood

Average Fuel Consumption: 3kg/hr

Max Temperature Rating: 500°C

External Dimensions: 82 cm (W) x 68 cm (D) x 120 cm (H) - including chimney flue

Cooking Floor Dimensions: 60 cm x 50 cm

Cooking Floor Area: 0.3m²

Heating Time: 15 minutes

Capacity: 2 x 10" Pizza | 2 kg Bread

Weight: 77 kg

Included Accessories: Oven door, chimney flue and cap


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Data Sheet - 5 Minuti (Both Tabletop & With Stand)

User Manual 

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