Firing Up Your Bello Wood Fired Oven

In this post, we will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to quickly fire up your Bello Oven.

View from the Oven's mouth

What You'll Need:

These are the essential items to have before firing up the Bello Oven:

  1. Food-grade wood fuel (wood pellets / wood chips / wood chunks)

  2. Fire-starters

  3. Blowtorch or equivalent

  4. Safety Gloves

  5. Digital IR Thermometer (with a measurement range of 50°C to 500°C)

  6. Water for yourself because maintaining a fire can be quite dehydrating!

Step 1:

  • Line the firebox with as much wood pellets / chips as possible, but maintaining its shape as it will need to be put into the oven once the fire is big enough.

  • We usually use a combination of both as pellets tend to smoke before catching fire, whereas wood chips catch flames much quicker.

  • We put in 3 to 4 fire-starters, spread around the firebox evenly.

Step 2:

  • Then we use the blowtorch to ignite the fire-starters. The duration for ignition and wood chips to catch a sizeable flame takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

  • At this point, most of the pellets and wood chips would have started burning. If so, it is ready to be put into the oven.

  • Ensure the Bello Oven front door is closed, with the door slotted behind the Safety Stopper.